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Corona's Tax Impact #1

Our hearts are with you during these challenging times. We are rooting for each and every one of our resilient start-ups to emerge from this crisis even bigger and better than before!

Tax Deadline Updates:

Corporate Filing Deadline for the 2019 Tax Return or 2019 Extension Request remains April 15, 2020.

Payment of any the following:

  • Tax due as reported on the 2019 tax return

  • Tax due as reported on the 2019 extension request

  • Tax due as reported on the Q1 2020 estimated tax voucher

can be delayed 90 days to July 15, 2020.

Labor Law Updates:

Congress is expected to reach a decision shortly regarding the following employment related issues:

  • Payment for sick days

  • Payment to employees who are home on quarantine or caring for a child who is out of school

  • Tax Credits to Employers to help offset the costs of the above

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