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Payroll & Its Pitfalls

Payroll is often times a start up’s first exposure in dealing with US tax matters. There are so many critical decisions to make right at the get go – what are the accepted compensation packages in the US, what benefits to offer, what service provider to use, how does it all work.

In an effort to provide the proper guidance in this area, we invited our esteemed US colleague David Bercow, Director at Trinet (a full-service US payroll and HR benefits provider) to join us for a series of lectures presented to various CFO’s and Controllers at over 5 locations. Together we explained the proactive steps to take in setting up the payroll process and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. The presentation encompassed the full range of the payroll life cycle, from hiring the first employee to expanding to numerous salespeople nationwide and the steps to take upon terminating an employee.

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