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Payroll Penalty of Over $550,000 Abated

In our latest and largest success yet, MK Tax undertook a consulting case to resolve an outstanding assessment issued to a hi-tech company. The charge of $550,000 by NY state authorities included penalties and interest dating from 2003 - 2017. The case involved proving that the client did not have an obligation for a NY workers compensation policy for their employees during those years. Following discussions with the state auditors, we helped the client gather and file all the relevant documentation which included payroll tax returns to various states along with detailed explanations as to why the assessment should be abated.

The client was delighted to have recently received the confirmation that the case has been resolved in their favor, completely abating the outstanding balance of over $550,000.

Congratulations to our client and the incredible and professional team at MK Tax who pulled this off! We take the opportunity to share the words of our grateful client:

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